Caribbean &….Breaking coconuts with rocks


S1EP04 – Breaking coconuts with rocks There was this stretch of road near the sea that we walked as kids to get home from school. On that stretch lived a man in a small wooden house. One day, we discovered that the man had planted sweet potatoes. I don’t now why, but one day we walked into the man’s garden dug up a couple of sweet potatoes with our hands, rubbed off the dirt and heartily ate them. They were sweet, crunchy and delicious.

This is just an example of how autonomous we were as kids growing up. We knew how and where to find food, and it did not come from a supermarket!

From breaking coconuts with rocks to catching chickens with fishing twine we had resources for food self-sufficiency that were just natural as we used them. Today they seem extreme. But I also know that is part of the natural flow of things this connection we had with the land around us.

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